IT Planning and Consulting

The Power of IT Planning and Consulting

Having the right technology can keep you on top of your game. To run a business today, we look for efficiencies, short cuts, and optimizations. We can put that into action by planning a strategy and implementing it. We adapt to each of our clients’ needs and develop a solution that works for them. Read on to learn about Z3 Networks’ IT consultation services.

Pay as you go approach 

Having a fixed price for Managed IT Services works for many. Alternatively, you can choose the pay as you go plan where your business pays for what it uses. We conduct cost analysis regularly to see which plan is more cost-effective for your organization.

Business IT Planning

We consult and plan with your company to assist you during the decision-making and acquisition processes, as you consider new technology or integrating with existing technology. When you need to know how your current IT infrastructure is functioning, or when help is needed, Z3 Networks is there. We can help your business prepare for changes to technology and processes.

Virtual CIO

A CIO plays an important part when it comes to IT restructuring and processes. We make sure you meet compliance and acknowledge best practices. Having a virtual CIO gives you guidance but without the cost.

IT Project Management

Z3 Networks has experts who can help complete your IT Project. Our Project Managers, Architects, Systems/Business Analysts, and Developers are highly skilled and will meet your budget and deadline.

Business Optimization

Outdated processes? Your business could be running more efficiently and optimal with our Business Optimization planning. By reviewing your current processes, we can provide you advice where improvements can be made.

Security Audit

Z3 Networks experts can complete a Security Audit to let you know if there are pitfalls to the security of your network. By acknowledging these pitfalls, implementing processes and best practices, we can ensure your network is less likely to be compromised.

Equipment Leasing

Z3 Networks offers leasing options to help your business grow. We understand that the cost of IT solutions can be overwhelming at times. Don’t put your business at risk from threats or settle for less than optimal solutions. Get a quote from us today!