Cloud Solutions

Everyone Is Going Cloud!

Cloud is part of our daily lives in one way or another. It allows users to store, access data and programs over the Internet rather than on the local storage and computer. How can you integrate cloud into your business? At Z3 Networks, we can bring cloud solutions to the table that will save you money and increase efficiency. We provide solutions from Office 365, backups, storage, cloud applications to moving all your workloads to an IaaS (infrastructure as a service) platform.

Cloud Computing

Does your business have a server? Traditionally, servers are physical devices stored on premise that require space, maintenance, and regular upgrades. Many businesses are moving to IaaS. With IaaS, you eliminate the need to purchase, run, and maintain an IT infrastructure onsite. Placing your infrastructure on the cloud means your server will be hosted on a secure data center, cutting down on energy expenses and operational costs. Z3 Networks’ experts can make your migration experience to the cloud seamless and worry free.

Hosted Exchange

Email has changed the way we do business and it has become an essential part of how we communicate with other businesses. We want to be able to access emails on our workstations, laptops, phones, tablets, and on the web. Solutions like Microsoft Office 365 and GSuite host your emails on the cloud, allowing fast and efficient access from anywhere at any time. Email, along with other collaboration tools offered by our solutions will improve employee productivity and enhance communication amongst team members. At Z3 Networks, we provide

Cloud Storage & Backup

When it comes to your data, you want it to be secure and accessible. Most businesses feel their data is safely stored locally on a device and is sufficient. With the many threats that our businesses encounter daily, having redundancy is required. Cloud storage and backup is the perfect solution. This ensures a copy of your data is safe somewhere offsite. With many different types of cloud storage and backup solutions, Z3 Networks will tailor one that fits your needs and budget.

Z3 Networks offer full management of your cloud services. For more information about cloud-based solutions and how it can benefit your business, call Z3 Networks today.